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As I continue to grow and learn about myself here at the University of Michigan, I can't help but be taken back to the moments that I've taken for granted -- the nights of careless laughter in the middle of the library with friends, running around chasing squirrels with packets of peanuts, taking random photos with fall leaves on a warm October day...


All of these moments stick in my mind like snapshots, moments where vivid details and emotions spin in my mind as I try to recall them, to put them into words.  But this is easier said than done.  I've often found myself searching long and hard for the perfect word to describe the cerulean sky, or the ways that the light reflect off of the Ann Arbor skyline as the sun sets over the busy streets at dusk.  This is how I write -- searching for a way to make sense of the world around me.  Capturing those feelings in a singular, beautiful moment.


Writing, like these snapshots in time, can speak to the environment and emotions of the moment.


This portfolio is an extension of my journey to capture these moments in time through my exploration and growth as a writer.  Each piece that I have chosen to showcase not only highlights a different point in my academic career, but also showcases my own perspectives at that single point in time.  By creating this portfolio, I hope that I can continue to reflect and grow as a writer and remember those moments that can pass by so quickly.  Taking the form of a scrapbook, with personal images and texts which reflect the things which are more important to me, this project demonstrates the power of memory, reflection, and personally what it means to me to be the writer that I strive to be.



This portfolio is set up like a scrapbook with personal images and links to specific pieces of my writing that I have chosen to feature from the past few years of my life. 


All images, unless otherwise noted, are original images.


You can learn more about me by viewing my Resume and see some of the images that have captured the moments in my life that I want to remember in my About Me tab found above.


Additionally, all of my archived writing can be found under the Work tab found at the top of the page.  

Specifically, my writing is divided up into sections based on Academic Writing, Creative Non-Fiction, and writing for the Minor In Writing Gateway Course and Blog.


Overall, I hope that you enjoy exploring my scrapbook of writing and personal memories!




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